Monday, September 25, 2017

Check Out All Of The Banned Books Week Activities, Ideas & Resources

This week we celebrate Our Right To Read.  

It is Banned Books Week....September 24-30, 2017.  This annual celebration of the freedom to read will emphasize the important of the First Amendment this year, which guarantees our inherent right to read.  

According to the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) – which tracks reports of book challenges and bans and compiles an annual Top Ten Challenged Books List – there was an alarming 17% increase in book censorship complaints in 2016. Since most challenges are not reported, the actual number is probably much higher. Even more disturbing, while only 10% of the titles reported to OIF are normally removed from the institutions receiving the challenges, half of the most frequently challenged books were actually banned last year.
The Banned Books Week Coalition (BBWC) is responding with “Our Right To Read,” a celebration of the diverse range of ideas found in books, and our right as citizens to make our own intellectual choices.
And just as ALA's campaign states...

Words have power!  to fight censorship and give everyone the right to read. 
One of the coolest events taking place is the #RebelReader Twitter Tournament.  
ALA is encouraging all of us to tweet any of the action items above to the hashtag #RebelReader during Banned Books Week for a chance to win and be part of this awesome Twitter conversation.  You can find out more here
I just love following the conversation on Twitter #bannedbooksweek and everything be shared, so I can't wait to follow #RebelReader too.  
Also, I have brought together lots of resources, videos, the Banned Books Week YouTube Channel,
display ideas, activities and of course...lots of ideas for banned books to read.

You will find this Collection here.

Enjoy celebrating the right to read with your students, community and families this week.  

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Join The Skype Reading Window and Bring Reading To Your Students With Others Around The World

Over the summer, my amazing friend Tracy Ferguson, who teachers 2nd grade at Van Meter Community School, wrote me about an idea she had.  

She wanted to keep Skype open throughout the day as a place for her students to connect and read with other students around the world.  

Tracy wrote, I thought if this window was opened each day, students could be reading into it whether there was someone on the other side or not.  Students could unmute it when they were ready to listen and then read themselves. I thought they could even introduce themselves and talk some too. 

Of course I loved the idea from the start!  This would be the perfect way to practice reading while connecting to others around the world.  Tracy and I have done a lot of Skyping over the years when we worked together at Van Meter and continue to find ways to bring Skype to her classroom throughout the year.  This was one of the best connections we will have yet!  

About the same time, I connected with 2nd grade teacher Sara Frater.  She is from Minnesota.  

She was posting amazing Buncee's she was creating and a new way to celebrate reading.  I saw this and just knew I wanted to get involved.

Once I saw all of the wonderful things she was doing in her 2nd grade classroom, I knew I had to get Sara and Tracy together.  
After they connected in an email, Tracy even Skyped into Sara's classroom to plan the Reading Window and more. 
Now when you come into Tracy classroom in Van Meter this is the scene you will see and...

 ...this is the view from Sara's Skype Reading Window too.
Today, Tracy shared...

Sara and I Skype each other at 8:00am each morning to open up our window between our classes. 

Students go up to read with each other when they can.  If I am teaching a lesson, I will put the computer on mute and Sara's students can still be reading.  When one of my students are able to read, they will just un-mute the computer...and vice versa.  It only took a couple of days and the students were used to having the connection without a disruption to our daily routines.  

The LOVE reading to their new Minnesota friends and can't wait to read with more students around the country through their Skype Reading Window too.  

Since one of Tracy and Sara's goals are to connect with even more classrooms and libraries, Tracy created this amazing Google Doc to sign up.  
You can sign-up here on the Skype Reading Window Google Doc to make connections with other students around the world too.

I can't wait to see where the reading window takes them and what they learn.

A Collection For Global Read Aloud 2017

Around this time every year since 2010, I get so excited about a very special reading event to start.

It is called Global Read Aloud and I loved celebrating this six-week reading event through...
picture books, 
 author and illustrator studies,
and chapter books within our library, classrooms with other readers around the world.  We kick off GRA on October 2.

To give you a little glimpse into the event above, please read the blog post Reading Aloud Together Through Skype and Edmodo for Global Read Aloud
Global Read Aloud was created in 2010 by my dear friend Pernille Ripp.

Let's read more about it from the Global Read Aloud website....

The project was created in 2010 with a simple goal in mind; one book to connect the world. From its humble beginnings, the GRA has grown to make a truly global connection with more than 2,000,000 students having participated.
What is it?
The premise is simple; we pick a book to read aloud to our students during a set 6-week period and during that time we try to make as many global connections as possible. Each teacher decides how much time they would like to dedicate and how involved they would like to be. Some people choose to connect with just one class, while others go for as many as possible. The scope and depth of the project is up to you. While there are official tools you can use such as Skype, Twitter, WriteAbout or Edmodo, you choose the tools that will make the most sense for you. Teachers get a community of other educators to do a global project with, hopefully inspiring them to continue these connections through the year.
When is it?
Once a year, starting in early October and running through mid-November.  Due to the time commitment, this is only a once a year project, however two fantastic spin off projects run at other times; the New Zealand Read Aloud and the French version of GRA, Ecouter Lire le Monde.
There are so many wonderful Global Read Aloud Choices for 2017.  With all of these choices, there are also amazing author and illustrator websites, book trailers, interviews and more included too.

Today, I did a little searching for the best that I could find and put these resources together in a brand new Collection by Destiny.
You will find the Global Read Aloud 2017 Collection by Destiny here.  You can use and share this with your students, teachers and others too.

Take a look at what I have included...
As you can see it is packed full of resources that will be helpful to you as you kick off Global Read Aloud with your students in a few days too.  
You can sign up for 2017 Global Read Aloud here.

Future Ready Librarian Symbaloo

Today I was recording a little message...
for my friends at the NWGA Media Specialists Consortium Fall Session coming up next week.

As I was sharing all of the amazing Future Ready Librarian resources including the FRL website, FRL Goals Google Sheets, webinars, Padlets, poster and more I realized we needed to bring all of these resources together in one spot.

So I created a new Future Ready Librarian Symbaloo that you can find here.
One thing I want to point out is the Future Ready Librarian Collection by Destiny that is included on the Symbaloo.

The Future Ready Librarian Collection is a place I have added these resources to as well, but it is also a place for others to add resources too.  Please let me know if you'd like to be a collaborator.

And let me know if there are other things I should add to our new Future Ready Librarian Symbaloo.
This is just a start, friends.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Bringing The Library Skills Series Resources Together In One Spot...In A New Collection!

With all of the fun and meaningful resources that go along with my Library Skills Series,  I thought it would be helpful to pull them together in a Collection.
You will find the music to stream or download; a video for each, Emily Arrow's music video of Find a Book, the lesson plan and more!
I have made The Library Skills Series Collection public so feel free to use and share it too.

And please visit The Library Skills Series on the Cantata Learning website here.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

4 New Library Skills Books eBooks To Teach Children Important Library, Literacy and Online Skills!

I had a wonderful surprise today!  My friend Kat from Cantata Learning wrote and told me...

Your books are now available in Capstone Interactive!  

I was so excited!  I have been waiting for this....the moment The Library Skills books that I wrote with Cantata Learning to turn into interactive eBooks!  
All four of The Library Skills are available online in...
Capstone Interactive.  The eBooks have live-voice audio (yes...that is me talking in the beginning) and my wonderful friend Emily Arrow singing throughout the book.  

Emily did a wonderful job at arranging and producing the music for each of the four Library Skills titles.   
First, I opened Find a Book in Capstone Interactive!  
In fact, my daughter Brianna, who hasn't seen the actual books yet, and I read, listened and sang along together over Skype.  She lives in Belgium so it was really special to be able to share the eBooks with her just like you can do in your library and classroom.

The eBooks in Capstone Interactive are perfect for individual, partner and whole group reading at school and home...even on the go.

And with the Library Skills covering important skills such as internet safety, finding a book, manners in the library and fiction and nonfiction, think about the amazing group lessons and projects you will be able to do with these books in front of the class.  I can just picture children singing and dancing while they learn these important skills.  
Once again, Katherine Durst's illustrations amaze me.  They are so fun and adorable!  I know that children will love them too while reading and singing The Library Skills series online.

Combined with Emily's music and singing, they make each one come to life!
The eBooks can be read to them while they turn the pages or auto play can be selected.
The sound of the words or reading can also be turned on and off.

At the bottom of each page, you can see all of the Contents of the eBook including...
 Sheet Music, 
 Glossary and...  
engaging Guided Reading Activities which can easily serve as a meaningful hook to a lesson or project.
In the front of each book there is a page filled with Tips To Support Literacy At Home.  This is an important page to point out to families and teachers too as they can bring this message back to their families as well.

Remember I said all four of The Library Skills are available as eBooks?

YES...and you will find....
 Staying Safe Online, 
 Manners in the Library,
Fiction or Nonfiction and Find a Book in Capstone Interactive.  
You can also stream and download the music...and find the sheet music for each book on the Cantata Learning website.  This makes it very handy for students, teachers, librarians and families to get to the stories and songs anywhere. 
Find a book!  A library full of books and fun is a place where your mind can run. Use these tips to help yourself find a new book on the shelf. 

I know you and your students will love these adorable and fun eBooks.  They will bring lots of fun to your library this year too. 

It's Johnny Appleseed Day, September 26!

I always love taking my family to the apple orchard in the fall.  It is such a beautiful time of the year and very special to go to an orchard to pick apples and see the colorful leaves.  

Not only do we have such fun celebrating fall, we can also focus on several yearly events too. 

One of them is Johnny Appleseed Day on September 26.  

I have been seeing lots of wonderful books and resources as we get closer to this day and kick off the first of fall tomorrow.  

My friends at Follett even put together a terrific Titlewave List of Johnny Applessed Day books which includes these two and....
several others.  

I also pulled together a Collection by Destiny of a few resources you can use to celebrate and teach your students about Johnny Appleseed too.

You can find it here.

Have a fun kicking off fall tomorrow and don't forget to tie in Johnny Appleseed too!